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20th Century Fox - Public Performace Licensing

So you are interested in learning more about public performance licencing. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please use the ‘Contact Us’ button to ask your question.

What is a public performance..?
Any screening of a film outside of a residential home environment is classified as a public performance.

Can I use a copy of the film I purchased or rented..?
Yes. A licence purchased from the copyright holder will extend the home licence contained in the cost of your existing copy so that you can use it for public performance.

How much does a licence cost..?
Use the ‘Obtain an estimate’ button on this page to get a quick estimate on the cost of obtaining a public performance licence. There is no obligation or cost involved in obtaining an estimate.

Are there any other costs involved..?
Yes. Under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, you are required to display a copy of the film classification at the screening. To obtain a copy, you need to apply to the Film and Video Labelling Body (FVLB) for a certificate. The current cost is $45 plus GST. Please contact the FVLB on if you want to take your enquiry further.

Is there a catalogue to choose from..?
There is no catalogue to choose from. If you are unsure if the film you want to licence belongs to Fox, please use the ‘Contact us’ function on this page to check with us before making a request for a licence. Alternatively, use the web site Internet Movie Data base (IMDB) and lookup the ‘Company’ details.

How long does it take..?
Allow a minimum of 7 days for the process. Your licence is available to download from this site as soon as your payment is received.

Other Questions..?
If you question is not answered here, use the 'Contact Us' function on this page to submit a question.